Lan Fan (trueguardian) wrote,
Lan Fan

3 || Hallucination

 [ Action for the people at 1669 Nelson! ]

[ Hello, fellow family! Since it was announced that you're supposed to drink the milk, and that the milkman can drone people and make them crazy, Lan Fan has realized that she will just drink the milk herself. She doesn't really trust the rest of the family when it comes to dangerous things, and this Xingeses warrior lopped off her own arm. Clearly, if anyone was qualified to handle this milk, it'd be Lan Fan. However, she still wants a break every now and then she'll be approaching you, holding a carton of milk ]

If we do not drink the milk, we will be brainwashed into violent killers. I will be drinking the milk today. [ BRAVE XINGESE NOD. She's doing this for her honor, and mostly because she's skeptical about their competency to remember and forcefully down a carton of awful milk ]

[ A - Action - Your home ]

[ Unfortunately, Lan Fan bit off more than she can chew. She's having wild hallucinations of Master Ling. So, fellow Mayfieldians, have a girl talking to your lamp with a hockey mask on. ]

My Lord, I can not leave you alone in such a dangerous territory! There are people going crazy, and I must do something to protect you! My house will be safe! [ A pause, as she watches "Ling" refuse her ] Serenade you?! But, Young Master, that would accomplish nothing! You won't go otherwise? ...If you insist.  [ She will then serenade your lamp. Yep. Maybe you should stop her? ]

[ B - Action - Your home ]

[ Alternatively, you may just find her stockpiling on every lamp in your household as she calls various lamps My Lord, or Young Master. After having a conversation with so many Lings, the girl in the odd hockey mask will pick them up and attempt to leave your home with all of the lamps in her hands ]

[ C - Phone/Action for housemates? ]

[ The hallucinations eventually wear off. Have a timid Lan Fan on the phone! People in her house may notice the fact that there are lamps everywhere. On the floor, on the bed, on the table, on another lamp, it looks like Antique Roadshow met hoarders. ]

D-Does anyone know where there's a bunch of lamps everywhere? [ NO CONTEEEEEXT ] This town is really strange...

[ ooc: If you want, you can handwave her stealing your lamps in b, so your character can react to C  ]
Tags: action, event: cream of the crop, phone
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