Lan Fan (trueguardian) wrote,
Lan Fan

2. || Acceptance - backated level 5

[ Phone ]

[ A voice quickly comes onto the telephone ]

My name is Lan Fan and, the drones suspicions from my arrival are correct. I am a communist.

[ She sounds rather adamant about this. Like it's the real thing. Lan Fan then explains what she thinks a communist is ]

I am a bodyguard for the Prince of Xing, Ling Yao. I aid him in any way he wishes and support his battles for the throne. I will not succumb to Mayfield's prejudice. If you desire to catch me, I live at 1669 Nelson Street.

[ She quickly hangs up.  ]

[ Action - 1669 Nelson Street ]

[ You'll see a girl silently watching from the roof top or just standing on the lawn. She has every damn knife in the kitchen in her hands or scattered around in a close arrangement. There's also a box of fireworks and some matches. If we haven't reached the pinnacle of what the hell value yet, she'll be adorned with

What the fuck do you do? ]
Tags: &1669 nelson street, *action, *phone
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